Trio Mnemusine is a mixture and the perfect combination of enthusiasm, hard-working, creativity, love for music, and a bit of craziness. Why not to recognize it? The group is formed by Montse Menéndez (piano), Laura Faya (violin) and Andrea García (cello) and they have been playing together since they started to learn chamber music in the Conservatory (around year 2000). Since themnthey have loved playing together. They did much collaborations with other artists trying to explore other combinations discovering that the Trio combination was their essence.


      Besides, they have individually participated with many Spanish Orchestras such as Chamber Orchestra of Siero –travelling around Bolivia y Brasil-, Young Orchestra of Asturias – travelling around Berlín, Madrid, Oporto, and International Young Orchestra of Oviedo Filarmonía.


        Apart from that, it is important to emphasize that the members of this group are not only focus on chamber music but also are excited and motivated in other areas of music like investigation, music education and music therapy. For instance, investigations such as “The cello in the arts”; “The violin in the Penderecki’s music” or “F.Rzewski: the piano work” made finish their degrees with the highest qualifications. Furthermore, in the area of music education they made a musical tale “Pepín el Vaqueiro” for toddlers which are presenting in all public nurseries for their city with the support of the Gijón’s city council. On the other hand, they were supported by Gijón’s city council in other projects like “Women in music” or “What is that soundtrack?”


      They consider themselves very curious, with creativity who are always looking for a different way to tell people their investigations, their interests and their twice commitment to people and music.


      When you listen to their music you can feel their union, their compromise, their desire to communicate and help different people always through music. They all think it is so important to be perfectionist as communicate and vibrate with the audience on the stage. It is proved music is the main language for Mnemusine. For more information see our resume summary.