Montse Menéndez

My name is Montserrat Menéndez Bobes and I am 29 years old. With this presentation I would like to highlight the most relevant aspects from my professional career but also to introduce myself as the natural, spontaneous and warm person I consider I am.

I started to play the piano at the age of 7 by chance, due to the presence of a underused piano at home. Curiosity bit me as to what I would be able to do with that lonely instrument which was totally quiet in the dining room.


As soon as my parents realized my interested in music, they enrolled me in the music school of my city. Over the years I finished the elementary and middle studies of music, discovering the art of playing the piano. It was in that moment when I met Laura Faya and Andrea García, and Mnemusine was created. So in that atmosphere I had to decide what I wanted to do, persuing the high music degree or, on the contrary, studying another degree which would ensure my future. Thanks to my parents’ support, I did not hesitate and I could choose to focus my life on music.


I started the high degree of piano under the teachings of Amador Fdez. Iglesias whereas I discovered different points of view about the art of playing the piano with Olga Semouchina, Luca Chiantore and Ana Guijarro among others.


At that moment I was extremely interested in modern piano music so I finally decided to specialize in contemporary repertoire under the instructions of Roberto Méndez, finishing my degree with a distinction in contemporary repertoire as well as my final degree project; “Rzewsky: Piano compositions”.


At the same time my interest in teaching music and showing people its relevance and beauty in our society was increasing, so Mnemusine started to investigate different unknown repertoire to be played by their chamber group (violin, cello and piano).

After finishing that stage of my life I went on to do a Master in Music Education complemented with a wide variety of courses, which included different pedagogies, such as Orff’s, Dalcroze’s or Willems’.


After that experience I had the great opportunity to work as a piano, music language and music initiation teacher in several Music Schools.


Being around children definitely helps me to discover other worlds because they allow me to see music from other point of view and experience different approaches to music teaching. Due to this fact, I started to be very much interested in music therapy. As consequence of this, the last year I started a Master of Music Therapy, and nowadays I am really convinced this other use of music can help in many ways our world.