Spanish composers fallen into oblivion

In this project Mnemusine tries to rescue an important part of Spanish music which has fallen into oblivion through  music history. Interesting while entertaining Mnemusine presents the following repertorie.

Women in music
The main objective in this program is to raise awareness of the role of women composers through music history enjoying and listening their music as well as knowing their biography and the importance of their work.

What's that soundtrack?

Would you like to listen to your favorite soundtrack? Would you enjoy to relive that film which you love? Mnemusine offers you the possibility of listening your favourite soundtrack while remembering the main scenes. A whole experience of mixed feelings.

Music through ages

This project tries to remind middle age audience those songs which has been important and significant for them. We go from Carlos Gardel to "Los Panchos" with a singular version for our instruments.

Popular music with classic instruments

We offer versions of  the most popular current songs of rock and pop music. This proposal is mainly aimed to young people in order to show the potential of these instruments and encourage children to play any of them.

Playing with music

This project is thought to offer a concert for children while we interact with the audience. In this way we get to enjoy themselves while learning.