Mnemusine is constantly developing an important activity in music pedagogy. Apart from their individual labor in teaching, they work together owing to their compromise with music and their interest in children.

They offer different concerts for different ages. Mnemusine goes to different schools to show children their amazing pleasure of being a musician. Besides, the chamber group tries to relate their work with the knowledge learned in the music lessons. This kind of concerts, which are usually made in the schools, are a way to show children that chamber music is familiar and enjoyable and not only available to scholars.

These concerts are designed for children between 0 and 12 years old adapting the content for each age.

The concerts are thought for making both, the audience and the chamber group, interact. Through a catchy and entertaining story, different musical terms are explained and a wide varied classical repertorie is performed.


Examples of this work are:


- Project “Placa Sana” with the collaboration of  the kindergarten "Gloria Fuertes”


The aim of this project is that children learn healthy habits as they sign their own songs. A very beautiful and educational project in which Mnemusine was involved.


- The whole day around music with Mnemusine


This project is thought to involve children in a musical experience which will be unforgettable. Children are involved in a project which is a mixture of playing and learning music whereas they are around live music and professional musicians.


-“Pepin el Vaqueiro”, a musical tale


This musical tale, which is entirely made by Mnemusine, tells the typical life and customs of the oldest civilization in Asturias, known as the “Vaqueiros”. Through this musical story, Mnemusine shows children the traditional Asturian songs whereas they show children different instruments such as violin, cello, piano and guitar, among other traditional ones.