Tomás Bretón (1850-1923)

Quatre Morceaux Espagnols, (before 1911)

- Danse orientale

- Boléro

- Polo gitano

- Scherzo andalou


Tomás Bretón was a spanish violinist, conductor and composer. He is mainly well known due to his contribution to Zarzuela (a spanish lyric-dramatic genre). His master pieces were “Los amantes de Teruel” (1889), “La Dolores” (1895) and his celebrated “Verbena de la paloma” (1894). Besides, the current investigations show us the evidence that his symphonic contribution is as good as the most important composers’ work.

With this project, Mnemusine is trying to raise awareness of this important but unknown Spanish composer, interpreting his chamber music’s work.

This Trio, which we present above, is one of the most relevant and beautiful pieces of his chamber music collection. It is dedicated to the famous spanish cellist Pau Casals, who was his disciple. This piece of music is the perfect mixture of the essence of the Spanish tradicional music and, besides, international influences where we can notice rhythms and harmonies who look into the future.


Enrique Fernández Arbós (1863-1939)

Trois pièces originales dans le genre spagnol pur violon, violoncelle et piano, op. 1, (1ª edición de 1910)

- Bolero

- Habanera

- Seguidillas gitanas


Enrique Fernández Arbós was an interesting Spanish composer whose musical work is being discovered nowadays. He was a very successful violinist, an international renowned conductor, as well as writer and a composer.

This piece of music, which is presented above, could be though as a tribute to his beloved country owing to it was written abroad after being 7 years travelling around the world, or could be the way for a young composer of being introduced to the international scene with the so called Spanish sound, which was very fashionable at that time in Europe.